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When I was reading back through the comics I had drawn, I noticed that characters’ dick designs weren’t as consistent as I want them to be.  To combat this problem–and to vary the different shapes, sizes, and characteristics of dicks found in this comic–I drew up some reference sheets for each character’s dick.  I figured you guys might want to see ’em, too, so I created some pages all about dicks!  You can head over to dick central to check out a handy size-comparison chart; clicking a single dick will take you to that dick’s own page, complete with more drawings of it.  Or you can head straight to the dick pages for characters who currently have one up (heh):  Daddy, Andy, Will, Aaron, or Trevor.

Why just these characters?  Well, we’ve already seen their dicks up close and personal.  I’ll add the other dicks once we’ve gotten a better look at them in-panel.


What a Dick!, 6.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings